life is immense...

It’s a sweltering summer before the final year of school and Billie and Laura share every secret except for Billie’s biggest secret - she’s crazy in love with Laura’s boyfriend, Danny.

When Billie’s social worker mum takes in Isaac, a troubled teenager looking to get his life straight, the delicate balance of the three friends’ lives is disrupted.

As bushfires threaten the edge of their suburbs and they immerse themselves in the swirl of parties, possible love and the intensity of sex and desire, the world of the four teenagers is changed forever as their secrets are revealed and their lives, friendships and loves are thrown into chaos.

Starring: Ashleigh Cummings, Lily Sullivan, Toby Wallace, Aliki Matangi & Maya Stange

Distributor: Hopscotch Films. International Sales: E1.

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104 mins

  • Written & Directed by Rhys Graham
  • Produced by Philippa Campey
  • presented by Screen Australia and Film Camp
    in association with the ACT Government and Screen ACT, Film Victoria and Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund
  • Distributed by Hopscotch Films, International Sales E1