'murundak - songs of freedom' Premiere

1 January 2011


Filmed and edited over four years, the documentary feature film 'murundak - songs of freedom' is now complete and will premiere in a special gala event presented by the Melbourne International Arts Festival at the Forum Theatre on February 10th, 2011. The following night, Friday February 11th, the St Kilda Festival will showcase the film in a free outdoor screening in the O'Donnell gardens, St Kilda, Melbourne from 8.30pm.

We have a host of dates lining up after these special premiere events which we'll post up soon. The film has been a labour of love and Daybreak Films is incredibly excited to be bringing it to the screen.

Madman Films will be releasing the DVD following a cinema release and SBS Television, our major investor, will be hosting the broadcast premiere later in 2011. A dedicated website will be live in the coming weeks and we've got a damned fine posse working on the rollout. Looking forward to including any and all of you in it.

For more details and current release information, please visit our Facebook page.