Museo Italiano

1 October 2010


Earlier this year, Daybreak Films was commissioned to create a diverse series of moving image installations for the new Museo Italiano which will be opening in Melbourne this Sunday, the 3rd October. We were fortunate to bring on emerging producer Andrea Distefano - who most recently was associate producer on the feature film Bran Nue Dae - to work as producer and writer on these projects.

The first element 'Identity' involves a 4 screen installation of lyrical and evocative documentary portraits that explore different facets of the hybrid identities of Italian Australians. With cinematography by Katie Milwright, Stefan Duscio and Rhys Graham and a score by Canberra based composer Flynn Wheeler, these intimate films feature over 20 subjects ranging from a young Milanese 'migrant for love', to kickboxing champion Sam Greco, a family who make hundreds of kilos of prosciutti and salami for themselves each winter, and a woman who collects and performs the early folk songs of migrant women.

The second element 'Making Lives' is an 11 minute motion graphics piece created and animated by Darren Richmond with a score by Patrick Robertson and sound design by Emma Bortignon. Using the archives of the Italian Historical Institute, the piece creates a fluid impression of the history of Italian migration to Melbourne through a complex and poetic interlayering of photographic fragments and documents and objects from the last 150 years.

As well as two smaller video pieces focusing on the emergence of innovative theatre and music within the Italian community in the 80s, and an showcase of Giorgio Mangiamele's little known film 'The Spag', Daybreak also worked with Naomi Bishops and Richard Raber of Traces Films to edit together an installation displayed on 3 vast screens in the Museum's front window that interweaves moments of family life captured on Super8 over the last 4 decades.

The museum curated and produced by Deborah Rechter and Jennifer Klempfner will be a permanent place for the community to celebrate it's divergent history. It is located at 179 Faraday St, Carlton. More info can be found here.