Dirtsong & The Shadow King touring London

1 March, 2016

In May and June, Daybreak Films will be appearing in London as two major projects we've been involved in tour to The Barbican.

At the Barbican on the 4th and 5th of May, it will be possible to see the epic and stirring Dirtsong - a major project of the Black Arm Band - which features over an hour of specially created film directed and photographed by Rhys Graham & Natasha Gadd to accompany beautiful and haunting songs sung in a number of indigenous languages from around Australia.

From 22 June-July 2 at the Barbican is The Shadow King, Tom E Lewis and Michael Kantor's powerful reimagining of King Lear. This striking interpretation of Shakespeare's bloody tale of greed, madness and land lust uses vast cinematic sequences created especially for the play. You can see more about the project in the mini doco below created by Daybreak for Malthouse Theatre.

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