Farewell to Threads

Farewell to Threads

Installation, 8 x 3 mins video, Colour, 2014

Commissioned for Museum Victoria’s Love and Sorrow Exhibition, this installation explored the world’s most destructive conflict recalled through the experiences of eight people. The stories of World War I soldiers and their families remain profoundly affecting. Over 112,000 Victorians enlisted; survivors returned forever changed but many never came home at all.

Daybreak Films created 8 moving image portraits of decedents of Victorians who experienced the horrors of WWW I - a mother awaiting the return of her son, brothers from Tyers River fighting on the Western Front, a Jewish German soldier on the other side. Drawing on personal testimonies from the descendants and readings of personal documents including letters, postcards and reports, 'Farewell to Threads' creates a moving account of the love, loss and longing of WWW I soldiers and their families.

Director / Editor - Natasha Gadd
Producer - Natalie Nalesnyik
Cinematographer - Campbell Hynam-Smith
Sound Recordist - Andrea Distefano



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