Old Fitzroy

Old Fitzroy

Music Video, 5 mins, 2009

"I hit the road when I was fifteen,
When my mother died and my dad got mean.
I've been locked up since twenty-one,
I was my mother's only son."

Shot in and around the streets of Fitzroy, this music video for Dan Sultan’s beloved song ‘Old Fitzroy’ from the album ‘Get Out While You Can’, is a cinematic love letter to the inner city suburb where Dan spent much of his childhood - and to the characters, the streets, and the faces and places that define it. Shot by Katie Milwright with additional cinematography by director Rhys Graham, and with a beautiful inky grade by our long term colorist Dan Stonehouse from Crayon Studio, the film went on to screen widely across festivals and broadcasters and was nominated for best music video at Sound Kilda.

"Forgotten most from early days,
But I remember what she used to say,
Little boy you're my pride and joy,
You’re the only good thing about old Fitzroy"



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