Out Of The Blue

Out Of The Blue

Music Video, 5 mins, 2015
Directed by Rhys Graham
Cinematography by Stefan Duscio

Having first crossed paths with Joelistics when filming the feature documentary
‘Words from the City’ a decade earlier and then later profiling his spoken word poetry for a series on Australian poets for ABC Arts, Daybreak’s Rhys Graham was invited to direct this cinematic story of young lovers for Joelistics’ ‘Out of the Blue’.

The song is an evocative, character driven narrative that tells of youthful love torn apart by pressure and hardship. The characters in Joelistic’s narrative –a teenage couple who become pregnant; he responding with recklessness and irresponsibility; she, responding with quiet resolve – are like something pulled from a Raymond Carver short story or a Paul Kelly song.

In the music video, we wanted to evoke a complex world of work, family, friends, sacrifice, fears, heartbreak and hope around the characters. Working with our long time collaborators DOP Stefan Duscio and designer Zohie Castellano and featuring a cast of brilliant actors featuring Lily Sullivan, Aliki Matangi, with appearances by Elija Tovio, Toby Wallace and Nikeisha Avio, ‘Out of the Blue’ is one of our favourite projects.


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