Surely Gettin On

Surely Gettin On

Music Video, 4 mins, 2016

We've collaborated with musicians and composers Patrick Robertson and Flynn Wheeler and their various bands - Motor Ace, Kempsey, Never In Doubt - for many years so when they formed a band together making sun drenched, sleazy 80s rock we were happy to make some new music videos with them. In this case, for their song 'Surely Gettin On' shooting amid numerous panes of glass and a red light drenching our subjects to soak and saturate them in light and blur and overlays all created in camera, we brough their song a simple, stripped back pure rock clip.

Dir/Prod: Rhys Graham
Prod Co. Daybreak Films Pty Ltd
DOP: Josh Aylett
AC: Jensen Cope
Edit: Rhys Graham


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