The Weather

The Weather

Music Video, 4 mins, 2010

Shot over consecutive nights in Canberra using a cast of dear friends and collaborators to try and evoke the energy, beauty and madness of drunken nights of love, brawling, running and laughing while growing up in our hometown, 'The Weather' was made on the fly with a single camera and lens. There is nothing like shooting people, places and faces we love for bands and songs that we love...

Kempsey is:
Daniel Bucholtz - Drums
Luke Halls - Bass/Vocals
Andrew Holmes - Guitar/Vocals
Flynn Wheeler - Vocals/Guitar

Music Video produced by Daybreak Films
Directed by Rhys Graham, Produced by Natasha Gadd
Cinematography by Rhys Graham & Natasha Gadd
Edited by Rhys Graham



Short Film



Music Video