An unsettling meditation on death and creativity, Skin examines the 15-year collaboration between tattooist and artist eX de Medici and her subject Geoff Ostling, as they negotiate the possibility of bequeathing Geoff's completely tattoed skin as an artwork when he dies.

Winner Best Short Documentary, World Wide Short Film Festival, 2009

Nominated for 2008 Dendy Award, Sydney Film Festival

Select Festivals include:

  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), 2008
  • Tribeca International Film Festival, 2009
  • Sydney International Film Festival, 2008
  • True/False Documentary Film Festival, 2009
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, 2009
  • World Wide Short Film Festival, 2009

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2008 26 mins  HD  colour

  • Directed by Rhys Graham
  • Produced by Tony Ayres & Michael McMahon
  • Cinematography by Katie Milwright
  • Edited by Andy Canny
  • Sound by Natasha Gadd
  • Composed by Christopher O’Young