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Nali and Friends

1 February 2019

Well, we've had a little secret project in the works for some time! And finally it's out. After travelling in Africa together, DB director Rhys Graham and acclaimed muso Dan Sultan[] decided to write a series of songs and stories for children. The first part of this project is now out! An album by Dan Sultan called *Nali and Friends[]* with songs by Dan and stories by Rhys and some very cute accompanying music videos which you can see below. It's been fun to make stuff for the little peeps in our lives.

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Ranger to Ranger

1 September 2018

A labour of love, working with the extraordinary Thin Green Line Foundation - who support frontline rangers across the world - is now finished. in late 2017, Rhys accompanied a group of indigenous rangers and Thin Green Line ambassador Dan Sultan to Uganda and Kenya as they met and shared knowledge with Masai Rangers and frontline rangers working in diverse habitats and confronting profound sacrifice in the name of conservation. The result is a film that takes us into the family of rangers to understand the importance of the work they do and how vital our support is as they fight to keep the earth's wild places intact.

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Dance of Language

1 January 2018

We are excited to be underway in shooting a new feature documentary in Madrid directed by Rhys Graham. *The Dance of Language* is a documentary that explores the provocative creative collaboration between powerhouse Australian playwright Andrew Bovell and Madrid theatre collective Numero0 during a time of political upheaval in Spain.

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Bank Australia

1 December 2017

Recently, here at Daybreak Films, along with our lovely pals at Still Rep[] we've been proud to partner with Bank Australia[] to create their new campaign. Like most people, our relationship with the big banks is troubled so to work with a genuine community bank whose ethics align with ours has been a pleasure. Along the way we got to meet some inspiring people working in community to effect powerful change while making, what we hope, is a beautiful expression of a progressive society demanding more from our relationship with financial institutions.

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1 October 2017

Some of our closest friends and collaborators, composers Flynn Wheeler and Patch Robertson have a new band among their projects: the 80s drenched summer sleaze rock band Nighthawk[]. Flynn composed numerous projects for us include the features Galore[[sitetree_link id=159]] and The Turning[[sitetree_link id=161]]. Patch scored the Berlinale prize winning short Love This Time[[sitetree_link id=162]] and we made the feature performance film The Time, The Place[[sitetree_link id=144]] for his platinum selling band Motorace. We've worked with Nighthawk over the last year to make a couple of stripped back music videos which we love... Looking forward to making a lot more. But for now, you can see the clips for Surely Gettin On[http://spotify:track:4v7aMFBcdeKI1aFxNKbeLg] and Wire[http://spotify:track:7qZZzZs59pYa8ualB2anzj]below.

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