Bank Australia

Bank Australia

Promo, 90s theatrical TVC, 2018

This campaign, produced by Natalie Nalesnyik of Daybreak and Chris Hemmings of Still Rep, was created for Bank Australia to highlight the many community activists who choose this bank as their own. Like most people, our relationship with the big banks is troubled so to work with a genuine community bank whose ethics align with ours has been a pleasure.

Beautifully shot by our close pal and collaborator Stefan Duscio, the shoot took us up and down the east coast and, along the way, we got to meet some inspiring people working in community to effect powerful change while making, what we hope, is a powerful expression of a progressive society demanding more from our relationship with financial institutions.

Director: Rhys Graham
Producer: Natalie Nalesnyik & Chris Hemmings
DOP: Stefan Duscio
Editor: Luca Capelli





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