Multiple Installations, colour, live action & animation, 2010

Upon opening in 2010, the Museo Italiano, a museum dedicated to the experience of Italian migration in Melbourne and Australia, contained several film installations created by Daybreak Films that explored themes of immigration, identity, loss, hardship, the making lives, and the flourishing of culture.

The installation entitled 'Identity' consisted of sixteen short, lyrical documentaries exploring different aspects of Italian identity in Australia, a short film using animations of archival photographs and letters and an elegant soundscape to evoke the first journeys of Italian immigrants to Australia, and a series of shorter films of cultural archives.

Produced by Andrea Distefano & Rhys Graham, directing and cinematography by Rhys Graham and additional cinematography by Tim Mummery, animation by Darren Richmond, and a sound design by Emma Bortignon and scores by Patrick Robertson.


Nali & Friends

Short Animation


Bank Australia