Love This Time

Love This Time

Short Film, 35mm, 18 mins, 2005

Winner Special Mention - Panorama Berlinale 2006

Nouria’s life is falling apart. The flowers that fill her house are rotting, her dad won’t get out of bed, her little brother just won’t stop wetting himself and her boyfriend’s dog is dying. But for Nouria, none of this matters… because love is all there is and, with love, she can make things right. If only she could get a little bit of help…

Written and Directed by Rhys Graham
Daybreak Films and Film Victoria
Produced by Toby Patten

Tatiana Quaresma as Nouria
Joey Coley-Sowry as Dolly
Keanu Quaresma as Sayeed
Written and Directed by Rhys Graham
Cinematography by Greig Fraser
Production Design and Costume Design by Jodie Fried
Edited by Paul Williams
Composed by Patrick Robertson
Produced by Toby Patten
Co-Produced by Melanie Brunt


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