Song to Sing

Song to Sing

Music Video, 6mins, B&W, 2006

Archie Roach’s 1960s gospel-inspired ‘Song to Sing’, tells the story of one man’s journey home after a life of emotional hardship. Featuring legendary Actor Jack Charles, a 4-piece band and 10-part Indigenous choir, ‘Song to Sing’ marks the pivotal turning point for Archie’s musical renaissance conveying the struggle and pain of his past contrasted with the joyous celebration of life.

“A lot of my music just dealt with pain and sorrow. Now it’s about joy and getting on with life. It’s like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It completely destroyed the city. But the spirit of the people was still there and it resonated in the music of the city.” – Archie Roach


Cast: Archie Roach, Jack Charles, Iluka Moubourne

Choir: Lou Bennett, Emma Donovan, James Henry, Ben Walker, John Wayne Parsons, Veronica Wellings, Shauntai Batzke and David Le Har.
Band: Craig Pilkington, Dave Folley, Steve Hadley, Tim Neal

Best Music Video, National Indigenous Music Awards, 2012
Selected: Sound Kilda, St Kilda Film Festival, 2012

A Daybreak Films production

Directed by David Vadiveloo & Natasha Gadd
Produced by Andrea Distefano
Cinematography by Bonnie Elliott
Edited by Natasha Gadd
Colour Grade by Dan Stonhouse - Crayon



Music Video