Documentary, 26 mins, 2013

Directed by Natasha Gadd and produced by Andrea Distefano, ‘Weather’ is an intimate half hour documentary commissioned by ABC TV featuring renowned Australian Choreographer, Lucy Guerin, as she embarks on an ambitious new project to take the abstract world of weather into contemporary dance. Interweaving delicately observed footage with interviews and live performance, the film unflinchingly follows Lucy and her six dancers as they prepare for what will be one of her most challenging dance works to date.

Guerin is an engaging and charismatic creative force; passionate, articulate and exacting. Renowned for tackling complex ideas in her works, ‘Weather’ poses a unique challenge as she attempts to convey the ephemeral and elusive nature of weather by “making the air visible through movement”. Tracing Guerin’s creative process, the film explores how this remarkable artist transforms abstract ideas into complex dance sequences that explore the delicate interrelationship between weather and the human condition.

With beautiful work by cinematographer Jody Muston and composer Flynn Wheeler, the film draws on intimately observed behind the scenes footage, candid interviews and beautifully filmed dance sequences, to chart the creation of this extraordinary dance work but form a portrait of one of Australia’s finest choreographers.


Song to Sing

Music Video


The Dance of Language